Kansas wind: 2, Cattle shed: 0

February 22, 2012

I’m supposed to be blogging about TEDxICT or my new logo, designed by my artist friend, Barb.

Instead, I’m back to a familiar topic — Kansas weather.  I was just talking with V. that we were almost put back together after the August, 2010 storm. We had replaced our cattle shed, built new seed bins and added a new machine/hay shed. Next up, rebuilding (for the second time) our red barn.

Not yet. A storm two days ago — with winds reaching 70 mph — destroyed our cattle shed, again. It was one of those times when we’re reminded that farm life — even though it’s amazing and fulfilling — is also really tough.

So, what are the lessons learned? One thing’s, for sure, we won’t build in the same spot. V.’s grandpa’s shed, which we rebuilt two years ago, lasted for more than 50 years. We had two destroyed in 18 months. Maybe it’s bad luck, but we’re not interested in proving the theory. Instead, we’ll shift the shelter and handling facilities to the other side of the cattle and horse pen, to an area that has some wind break. As long as we’re reconfiguring, we’re rethinking fencing so we can link this pen with our sheep and goat pens.

In the meantime, the cattle are out on tasty wheat pasture and will take shelter in the tree row. Brandy (our horse) and Raji (D.’s 4H steer) will have a makeshift sun shade for a while.

And, V. and I are headed to the co-op this afternoon to look at new building options. At least the sun is shining — and the wind is back down to about 20 mph.


5 Responses to “Kansas wind: 2, Cattle shed: 0”

  1. Tammy Says:

    So sorry about the shed but I DO want to hear more about TEDxICT and would love to see the new logo. You were a speaker! Do you have video?

    PS – I don’t believe in bad luck.

  2. Hi Tammy,
    Yes. It was a very big deal for me to be part of TEDxICT. I haven’t seen video yet, but here is the link to the event photos, http://www.flickr.com/photos/tedxict/page4/.

    And, I love my new logo. I’ll write about it soon. Here’s the link to Barb’s site. If you ever need a designer, she’s the best: http://www.barbbudishdesign.com. She’s based in Milwaukee.

    Hope things are good with you.


  3. Lindsey Says:

    Wow I am so sorry to hear about your damage! I hope you all can get it fixed soon, glad you all are okay!

  4. Thanks, Lindsey. Appreciate your thoughts. We’re cleaning up and moving on.

  5. […] And, here’s the post that led to the most exploration around my blog: https://lynnwoolf.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/kansas-wind-2-cattle-shed-0/ […]

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