Moved Away is an accidental series about forgotten farmsteads and rural homes.

"The Old Kohler Place," South of Cheney, Kan.

“The Old Kohler Place,” South of Cheney, Kan.

Most of the other images in my Moved Away series are melancholy, lonely. Not this time. I pass this schoolhouse each year when I drop the kids off at 4-H camp. It’s empty, but not lonely. Historic peacefulness?

Kickapoo Road Schoolhouse

Moved Away is an accidental series about forgotten farmsteads and rural homes.

This one-room Nebraska schoolhouse is another disintegrating rural landmark. However, the spring sunshine seemed to lift it the day I drove by — and stopped to wonder about its former students and teachers. It is at the corner of 721 Road and Highway 75 in southern Nebraska.

Nebraska one-room schoolhouse

This is the second in an accidental series about forgotten farmsteads and rural homes. Many lean and crumble while they wait for their family — or any family — to return. Others, like this beauty, seem to need just a few repairs and a fresh coat of paint.

This farmstead is near Rock Springs 4-H Camp on K-157.  Someone cares for it, since the lawn looks like it was mowed last fall. The newly emerged daffodils give hope to this country scene.

Rock Springs House

Rock Springs Barn

Abandoned farmstead near Glasco, Kansas

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