Spring fever

January 10, 2009

Daniel had a great time helping refurbish our old cattle shed.

Daniel had a great time helping refurbish our old cattle shed.

This Wisconsin native is still amazed when winter temperatures spike into the 60s, as it did here today. It was positively meditative bottle-feeding our six new calves in the warm sun. They join our horse, Brandy, in the old cattle shed that Vaughn, his dad and Daniel refurbished this year. They completely redid the roof and did some repairs on the cement-block walls. Vaughn’s Grandpa poured each cement block by hand. He did the same for the garage and chicken house. Can you imagine the patience — and persistence? Decades later we still are proud of his work.

We often wonder what he would think about all the changes. His red barn is now our photo studio. A pond and gazebo replace his horse corral. But, we still plug away, planting wheat — and hoping each year for the proverbial bumper crop. And, it’s a real kick making bread — as his grandma did — using our own wheat flour.

A good day, overall, on this Kansas farm.

2 Responses to “Spring fever”

  1. […] side – another victim of the flying grain bin. Our cattle shed, which V., his dad and D. rebuilt just two years ago, was obliterated from the straight-line winds that reached 70 mph. V.’s pickup was buried in […]

  2. […] for sure, we won’t build in the same spot. V.’s grandpa’s shed, which we rebuilt two years ago, lasted for more than 50 years. We had two destroyed in 18 months. Maybe it’s bad luck, but […]

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