I saw this quote from Shakespeake:  We are advertis’d by our loving friends. Had to laugh. Even Shakespeare was talking about word-of-mouth marketing.

Interesting reading on its value in WOMMA’s newest volume of “Measuring Word of Mouth.” First chapter is free to view online.


Blog mania

December 12, 2008

The numbers are staggering: 22.6 million bloggers in the U.S. alone, with 77 percent of active Internet users turning to blogs for information, entertainment, and community.  These and many other interesting facts are discussed in Technorati’s latest survey, “State of the Blogosphere 2008.”

I’ve been having a great time with it, even though I’m a novice. The power is undeniable. I even find myself thinking in terms of  blog posts — hoping that I’m adding to the conversation, not just clogging up cyberspace.

So, what is my blog resolution for 2008? Just do it. Have fun. Explore ideas. Make new connections.

Let’s meet up same time next year and see how I did!

Searching for meaning

December 3, 2008

Many of us want to know the meaning of life. But, apparently, we want to know how to lose weight more. That’s according to Ask.com’s list of its top searches for 2008. Searches for life’s meaning ranked ninth. The top search: “How do I get pregnant” followed by “How do I lose weight.” Makes sense. Figure out the first question and then you have to deal with the second.   

I have to admit that I was tempted to try the “meaning of life” search myself. Could it be that easy? One “enter” and I have it figured out! I was too chicken. Instead, I followed a Dr. Seuss line from our family’s favorite “Hop on Pop:” Ask me tomorrow, but not today.


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