Three Years Ago Today

November 19, 2012

Three years ago today, I started blogging. I thought I’d better share something insightful about what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown, or what’s ahead for this blog.

Sorry everyone. Maybe I’m not feeling insightful. Or, maybe this blog is simpler than that, just stories and thoughts, sometimes random.

I’m indebted to the inventor of blogging (need to find out who that is) for providing a format that’s become my favorite. A fiction writer I’m not and I gave up personal diaries after high school. And, I’m indebted to you for reading. It keeps me motivated to know someone will read.

Over the past three years, here’s the post that generated the most views: https://lynnwoolf.wordpress.com/2011/04/14/restoration-historic-stone-house-barn/

Here is one of my least read posts: https://lynnwoolf.wordpress.com/2010/04/29/butterflying/

And, here’s the post that led to the most exploration around my blog: https://lynnwoolf.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/kansas-wind-2-cattle-shed-0/

Today, my anniversary post shows one of my favorite places: Walking with Cesar along our country road. Here’s to another year of blogging.

Country walking with Cesar.

8 Responses to “Three Years Ago Today”

  1. Congrats Lynn! I’ve enjoyed “peeking” into your life from time to time. Here’s to many more years of blogging!

  2. Thanks, Cat. Appreciate that. And, right back at ya! Your blog brings back memories of times when my kids were younger, and I treasure that.

  3. Roy McCarthy Says:

    Just love the pic Lynn – now I know what Kansas looks like 😉 Well done on the three year landmark.

  4. Thanks and good to meet you, Roy. Not all of Kansas looks like this, but our corner does. Looking forward to following your blog!

  5. Jesse Crain Says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Looking forward to the future posts. Your photos are so good!

  6. Thanks, Jesse! I can’t wait until we get to meet in person. V. speaks so highly of you.

  7. Tammy Says:

    I really enjoy your blog Lynn. I love your photos and your writer’s voice. Your three posts reminded me that I have still to see that Ted video that you did! I love blogging because of the community that comes with it. Congratulations on your third year!

  8. You’re very kind, Tammy, and I greatly appreciate your support.The video…yes, I need to post. (I’m not a public speaker.) Congrats to you on your wonderful blog and the work you do for community supported agriculture. I agree re: the community. Looking forward to meeting one of these days!

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