Land for sale

November 12, 2010

Land auction KansasA quarter section of land (160 acres), right across from our home quarter, is up for auction. Land sales brings lots of discussion in a farm family, especially when you look out over it every day.

Do we want it? Definitely. It’s a perfect fit for our farming operation. Can we afford it? No one-word answer there.

Kansas State University lists average land values in this area at $1,160 per acre. However, land nearby has sold for $1,400 to $1,700 per acre. Rumors say this quarter could go close to $2,000 per acre. The auction component — and high wheat prices — will surely affect the perceived value. Also, many traditional wheat fields are now being planted to corn and soybeans, crops also experiencing good prices and tremendous yields.

Any decision affects our farm family for decades to come. One thing’s for sure, a decision will be made by us or for us at auction time on Dec. 2.

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