Storing Potatoes

August 31, 2013

My wheat farmer should have been a potato farmer. He loves growing potatoes and regularly plants about 60 hills in our garden each year. He usually has good luck. Each hill can have anywhere from 2 to up 7 or so potatoes. The challenge is then how to store them so they don’t rot.

Here’s what we’re trying this year. We’re using empty cattle mineral tubs with holes drilled for air. We then layered the potatoes with pine shavings. The tubs can get heavy, so we only filled them about halfway and then carried them down into our cellar.

I’ll let you know about mid-winter if this idea works or not. And, if you’re in the area and enjoy home-grown potatoes, let us know!




4 Responses to “Storing Potatoes”

  1. Jesse Crain Says:

    Sounds like a good plan.
    My great grandparents used wooden frames with window screen material stretched around them and stapled in place for their homegrown peanuts. They put screw eyes in the tops of the frames and also in the bottoms of the floor joists (open basement ceiling), then suspended the frames with S-hooks. Peanuts are lighter, of course, but it might work for potatoes, too.

  2. Interesting idea re: suspending produce. And, how very cool re: growing peanuts. Hope things are good with you, Jesse!

  3. Those are good-looking potatoes. When did you plant them and how long before they were harvested?

  4. They’re delicious, too. We try to plant around St. Patrick’s Day (mid-March) and then dig them up in late June. This year, we didn’t dig them up until late July, so some grew quite large.

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