2013 Winter Wheat Crop: Month 7

April 10, 2013

A spring threat has become a reality. Our wheat crop is coated with ice. This is not good news for a plant that is out of dormancy and growing. The crop at this stage of growth is referred to as jointing. This chart from the University of Illinois Extension shows the different stages.


The smart folks at our own state Extension Service  (Kansas State University) describe the effect of freezing temperatures at the jointing stage:

  • Approximate injurious temperature for two hours: -24 F.
  • Primary Symptoms: Death of growing point; leaf yellowing or burning; lesions, splitting, or bending of lower stem; odor
  • Yield effect: Moderate to severe

We do expect some reduction in yield, but it’s hard to predict much beyond that. Modern seed varieties are nothing short of amazing in their ability to survive extremes. The same could be said for the farmer and his crops.

For now, we’ll keep one eye on the fields and another on the temperature gauge.

Winter Wheat, April 2013

Winter Wheat, April 2013

Winter Wheat Field, April 2013

Winter Wheat Field, April 2013

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