2013 Winter Wheat Crop: Month 5

February 28, 2013

Snow. Lots of it. That’s what is blanketing our wheat as we close out month five. We had two blizzards in five days with about 18 inches of total snowfall. 18 inches of snow doesn’t translate into 18 inches of water. However, even on the conservative side, we received several inches of desperately needed moisture.

What’s even better is that the temperatures have stayed slightly above freezing during the day. That has allowed the snow to melt slowly and seep into the ground and not just run off into the ditches.

The timing was great as the wheat will come out of dormancy within the next few weeks.

It’s nice to feel a little optimism about the crop. And, as my 11-year-old farmer says,”Kansas has never looked this clean.”

Take a look at month five.

Kansas Winter Wheat Field, February 2013

Kansas Winter Wheat Field, February 2013

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