2013 Winter Wheat Crop: Month 2

November 11, 2012

Finally, rain last night. We received just short of 1/2 inch, but we’ll take it. We received a tiny shower after wheat planting, but that’s been it for moisture. To make things even drier, we’ve had record high temperatures this fall, close to 90 degrees, and strong winds. In fact, some days, it’s been hard to walk across open fields.

Still, my farmer says he’s pleased with the amount of tillers coming out of each plant. Those tillers will eventually produce grain heads. He’s hoping that the wheat will now use the moisture to put down deeper roots. The plants are not yet dormant because we haven’t had consistently cool temperatures. However, it will go dormant soon.

Take a look at month 2, on a sunny Sunday afternoon:

Kansas Winter Wheat, Nov. 11, 2012

Kansas Winter Wheat Field, Nov. 12, 2012


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