Blue skies and fresh lumber

January 6, 2012

Our farm is getting a major addition: a new shed. It’s a milestone for our operation, since coping with the destruction from the August, 2010 storm.

It’s not fancy by today’s standards — a wood-framed pole barn. However, we’re already impressed with the quality of the structure and the expertise of the building team (ESH Quality Structures of Haven, Kan.). The shed will store a variety of equipment and has a lean-to for hay storage.

It’s been a strange experience for V. to watch others complete the construction. He, his dad or grandpa built almost every other building on the farm. However, the size of the shed was beyond what our equipment and tools could handle. Plus, it’s a huge boost to see the building constructed in just four days.

The crew has worked in unseasonably warm weather — 51 degrees today. Onlookers include the sheep and cattle grazing on wheat pasture nearby. Today, a naughty goat doeling (young female) escaped her mother and headed over for a visit. Her nanny cut the escapade short.

We’re looking forward to moving in equipment next week. I’m sure we’ll spend more than a few hours just hanging out inside.

4 Responses to “Blue skies and fresh lumber”

  1. Jodi Says:

    That’s a good looking shed!

  2. Thanks. Brand new is fun.

  3. Tammy Says:

    i love the photo.

  4. Thanks, Tammy. All finished now and we’re very pleased. Time for a shed dance?

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