Burracos in Rolla

June 2, 2011

Rolla, Kan., is half way between here and way over there — and home to Archuleta’s restaurant. Or, maybe Archuleta’s is home to Rolla.

I didn’t venture into the city on my recent trip through Western Kansas. I’m sure there’s more to see than this trailer-house restaurant, but this trailer-house restaurant was all my empty belly and I needed.

My wonderful western Kansas friends Donnie and Chris introduced me to Joe Archuleta and his burracos — a combination burrito and taco.  He  makes them in his kitchen and you devour them at the kitchen table. You grab a Coke (no diet drinks are worthy of this meal) in the refrigerator. Burracos: $2.50 (or $24 a dozen). Coke: 50 cents.

The burracos are full and meaty and juicy and perfectly paired with his homemade salsa and a paper plate. Archuleta’s is about food and friends, not tableware.

Chris asked if I could guess the secret ingredient. It was right on the tip of  my tongue, literally, but I just couldn’t name it. I’ll share the secret after you take your first bite.

You can find Archuleta’s on Highway 56  in the southwest corner of Kansas. Meet me there when I head back in late June. I already have my spot picked out at the picnic table out front.

4 Responses to “Burracos in Rolla”

  1. Tammy McLeod Says:

    I’ve never heard of a burraco but yum! When in SW KS, I know where to stop.

  2. Great. I’ll see you there. Just discovered your Agrigirl blog. Can’t wait to read more.

  3. Tami Boekhaus Says:

    I grew up on Joe’s Burraco’s and they are STILL a tasty treat!!!!

  4. Lucky you, Tami. Passed by Joe’s again last week, but no time to stop. Definitely will next time.

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