Restoration: Historic stone house, barn

April 14, 2011

This  Beloit, Kansas, farmstead must have been a show place in its day. The limestone house and barn are stunning even now, despite the crumbling walls.

I first came upon this scene about a year and a half ago. Perhaps the historical society is raising funds to continue with its restoration? If so, I hope a donor comes forward soon. I also hope one day to step in the home and step back in time.  

For now, here are some outside views I found especially interesting.

Front view

Side view, with washhouse (or summer kitchen)


Well housing

Water tower

Shed with antique farm implements

Stone barn and lean-to







Date, face carving and leaf carving in the limestone rock


2 Responses to “Restoration: Historic stone house, barn”

  1. xath Says:

    I love these old places. It is sad to see them disintegrate. Hopefully someone will step in.

  2. It looked like some work had been done, but stopped. Hopefully, they’ll start again.

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