Learning in the field

September 13, 2010

Kansas ranch“Can you think of anything that doesn’t come from agriculture?” That was the opening question of the Kansas Farm Bureau Masters Class XII. And, it was a good one to kick off this six-session adult education program. 

The program’s official focus: Leadership development through increased understanding of the agricultural industry. This year’s group includes 18 people from 13 different counties. Many of us have deep experience in agriculture. However, agriculture is a complex and changing industry, so we’re seeking more knowledge and more connections to those who share our passion.

After that brief discussion, we headed from the Kansas Farm Bureau boardroom to the field. Farm Bureau member, Extension Educator, farmer and rancher Glenn Brunkow led us on a tour of his beautiful Flint Hills pasture ground. The topics ranged from feed to RFID (radio frequency identification) tagging to farm safety to herd and pasture management.  Hear his interesting thoughts on grazing and burning: http://bit.ly/coxTn5

It was an invigorating day, despite the near-100-degree temperatures. We had three more stops — a corn field, soybean field and equipment dealership. I love hearing experts explain agriculture. I also greatly enjoyed the camaraderie of the class, as we each shared bits and pieces of our own ag world.

Next session: Colby, Kan., nicknamed “The Oasis on the Plains.” The topic: Managing resources for an efficient, productive agriculture.

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