Random connections

December 13, 2009

My 10-year-old is a free spirit. I am not. Consequently, I learn a lot from my tween hippie. Like a few weeks ago when we were shopping at Sheplers, one of our favorite stores and “the world’s leading provider of apparel and accessories for the country/western lifestyle.”

We were enjoying a nice chat with the cashier. E. was talking about how old she was, horses, etc. The cashier remarked that she was going to be tall like her dad, who was standing nearby. We’re an adoptive family, so those remarks can leave us wondering. How much do you share with a stranger?

It didn’t faze E. “Oh, I’m adopted and my birthmom is short,” she says. I was proud of her straightforward response, but what will the reaction be? The clerk put her hand on her heart and said, “I’m adopted, too. You just gave me a shiver. I can’t wait to tell my daughter.”

Here’s the best part. It was no big deal for E. — just a simple statement and another one of life’s random connections.

I left with another reason why I admire my daughter. E. left with a great pair of cowgirl boots.

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