Brand new

October 6, 2009

Lewis Street Glass Co.I shouldn’t say this out loud, but, sometimes, I get tired of branding. Not the purpose, the tools or the process — just the artificiality of branding for branding’s sake. Maybe that’s why I’ve always had this strange fascination with the Lewis St. Glass Co.  I have seen their trucks for years — neat, white trucks with cool trailers for hauling huge pieces of glass. But, that’s not it. Lots of companies have neat, white trucks hauling interesting objects.

It’s the name — the simple brand name. Lewis St. Glass sounds like a company that is family-owned and based in a neighborhood. The Lewis Street people don’t pretend to be something they’re not. When you need glass, you can count on them.

As bad luck would have it, I did need glass recently. I had another cracked windshield, thanks to our dirt/gravel road. Who came to mind? Exactly. Lewis St. Glass.

Turns out the company has moved from Lewis Street to a big new garage, in another neighborhood on the edge of downtown. Good for them; they’re growing. They were ready for us when we arrived — and completed the job 30 minutes faster than expected. The nice receptionist took my check. The nice installer gave me advice regarding no car washes for 24 hours. And, I snagged a pen on the way out. By the way, the pen is just a pen. It doesn’t uncork wine bottles or double as a laser. You can bet it writes great, though.

I’ve forced myself not to see if Lewis St. Glass has a web site. I don’t want my image of them to be tarnished. For me, they’re the perfect brand. They say who they are and deliver on what they promise. Long live Lewis St. Glass.

One Response to “Brand new”

  1. Eric Says:

    It’s good to know there are still some home-grown business thriving in a world of corporate domination.

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