Trees for Life

April 6, 2009

Certain people stand apart from the rest. Balbir Mathur is one of those people. He’s the founder of the international nonprofit Trees for Life. Here’s just a glimpse into what they do: This year alone, the group gathered 50,000 books for children in Liberia; is helping set up 200 libraries in Nicaragua; and has developed a training video on reading storybooks to children for international distribution. They have been truly changing the world for more than 25 years.

When we first met, I congratulated Balbir on the group’s “accomplishments.” He responded by saying, “If you give a flower to a beloved, is that an accomplishment? This is how I worship.”

I worked hard throughout our conversation — not always successfully — to nix words like “projects,” “awareness,” “successes,” etc. It wasn’t easy and he was very patient with me as I tried to understand his approach. He describes Trees for Life as a  people-to-people movement that is helping empower and transform people’s lives worldwide while caring for our Earth.

Way beyond the donation mentality.

I left feeling very welcomed into his “tree family,” as he says. Most importantly, I felt empowered myself to help contribute toward long-lasting transformations.


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